April 18, 2012

Best Ever Made Chocolate Truffles pt.2 (Variants)

listed below are several variations on the truffles i posted last week(link here)

to save on time, i will explain the changes to the original recipe

Variant 1
Saffron and Spice.

added ingredients:
additional 1/2 tbsp honey
2-3 springs of saffron
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon

add extra honey to cream mixture.
to the scalding phase, add 3-4 sprigs of saffron.
in the same bowl as the chocolate add cinnamon and nutmeg.
let cream mixture rest an additional 2-3 minutes off of the heat, before straining into the chocolate bowl
steep as normal.

(Optional)after en-robbing roll in a mixture of 1 part cinnamon, 5 parts powdered sugar, 2 parts cocoa powder.

Variant 2
Afternoon Tea

Added ingredients:
Additional 1Tbps honey
2 bags of good flavorful Black/green tea.(i like to use 1001 nights from The Original Ceylon Tea Company)

Jasmine or herbal tea will work, just make sure it is flavorful and can be steeped strong.
If you wouldn't drink the tea, don't use it in this recipe.

place cream in pan heat on low, remove from heat, steep tea bags in cream for 10-15 minutes, depending on your tea and your taste.
add butter and all of the honey(extra and normal amount).
place back on stove bring to simmer, continue as normal.

Variant 3
Peanut Butter cup

additional ingredients:
4 tbsp Smooth Peanut butter

Remove 1/4 of the chocolate
remove Butter.

Omit Butter from cream mixture.
add peanut butter to chocolate, before steeping.
after steeping, continue as normal.

these are only a few. there are almost infinite variations you could make.
try a few out or leave your own in the comments below.

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