April 18, 2012

Best Ever Made Chocolate Truffles pt.2 (Variants)

listed below are several variations on the truffles i posted last week(link here)

to save on time, i will explain the changes to the original recipe

Variant 1
Saffron and Spice.

added ingredients:
additional 1/2 tbsp honey
2-3 springs of saffron
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon

add extra honey to cream mixture.
to the scalding phase, add 3-4 sprigs of saffron.
in the same bowl as the chocolate add cinnamon and nutmeg.
let cream mixture rest an additional 2-3 minutes off of the heat, before straining into the chocolate bowl
steep as normal.

(Optional)after en-robbing roll in a mixture of 1 part cinnamon, 5 parts powdered sugar, 2 parts cocoa powder.

Variant 2
Afternoon Tea

Added ingredients:
Additional 1Tbps honey
2 bags of good flavorful Black/green tea.(i like to use 1001 nights from The Original Ceylon Tea Company)

Jasmine or herbal tea will work, just make sure it is flavorful and can be steeped strong.
If you wouldn't drink the tea, don't use it in this recipe.

place cream in pan heat on low, remove from heat, steep tea bags in cream for 10-15 minutes, depending on your tea and your taste.
add butter and all of the honey(extra and normal amount).
place back on stove bring to simmer, continue as normal.

Variant 3
Peanut Butter cup

additional ingredients:
4 tbsp Smooth Peanut butter

Remove 1/4 of the chocolate
remove Butter.

Omit Butter from cream mixture.
add peanut butter to chocolate, before steeping.
after steeping, continue as normal.

these are only a few. there are almost infinite variations you could make.
try a few out or leave your own in the comments below.

April 11, 2012

Chocolate Truffles (Best Ever Made)

I have Been Making these For a Couple Of Years... they are The Best i have Ever Had... and I a Chocoholic...
 * I assume that you are taking the proper Precautions when working with sharp, hot or otherwise potentially dangerous things... if not, you have only yourself to blame.*
* if you cannot safely work in the kitchen DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS RECIPE, i take no responsibility for any harm that may come from using the Content Below*

There are Several Varieties, I will list the basic Recipe here, and later I will try and post others.

Chocolate Truffles (Best Ever Made)
Yields About a dozen.

The process breaks down into a few Steps.
first is to make the centers,
Then you form them,
and finally you en-robe them.

        The Basic Center Recipe Starts with the Chocolate. Since the chocolate here is the Show-Piece, it is unwise to use cheap, or low quality chocolate.
 I use a Good Quality 70-80% Cacao Bar(don't go less that 50% for the centers, or your Truffles may never setup properly), no need to get super pricey stuff, Supermarket brand will do, I have used lots of brands(for centers I would stay away from Brands Like Hershey, mars, or Dove... they Contain a lot of sugar which makes the centers set up differently.)
I like to use Ghirardelli or Lindt; just a personal choice, It is not to expensive, and it yields a nice end product.

You can use several different kinds of Sugar, the goal is just to slow the Crystallization of the Chocolate, So Corn Syrup or Molasses would work fine as a substitute.
I prefer Honey, because i think it adds a nice flavor to the mix... but you can substitute, you may have to adjust the Amount.(if you are substituting Corn Syrup reduce by half)

  Truffles Recipe
 4 oz Good Quality Chocolate(Chopped into no larger that 1/4in pieces)
 1/4 C Heavy Whipping Cream(Don't even Think about using Low/no fat substitutes, wont work)
 1 Tbsp Honey(or Karo, or Molasses)
 1 Tbsp Butter(Sweet Cream, Unsalted)
 5-10 oz. Chocolate for dipping.

         Placed Chopped Chocolate in a Medium Bowl. set a side.
   In a small sauce pan mix Butter, Honey, and Cream.(I use a small Saucier).
Heat on Medium Low or low, Stirring Constantly, until The Cream Comes to a boil, reduce heat immediately
simmer for approximately 3 minutes. this will vary based on the humidity, your altitude, and the phase of the moon(OK, not really, but there are a lot of variables)
 you are trying to fully dissolve the Sugar, and make the fats act as an emulsifier... if it start to gel, you have gone too far.
   pour Cream mixture over Chocolate. let sit for 5-10 minutes. let the heat from the cream soften the Chocolate. this will help the texture of the finished Centers.
just let the Chocolate steep. Do Not Stir it for AT Least 5 minutes. if your kitchen is cold, you may want to set your bowl, inside a larger bowl, containing hot water.(just don't get any water in the chocolate mix)
   after it has steeped, take a whisk and Stir, mercilessly, until smooth.
now begins the Chilling Stages... time consuming but absolutely Critical.
         chill the Chocolate mixture for 15- 20 minutes.
         then Stir it again.
         Chill For 15-20 minutes.
         Stir Again. you may need to switch to a fork at this point.
         Chill again, 15-20 minutes.
         Chill for 5-7minutes.
         5-7 minute chill.
         chill, for 10 minutes.
         the centers should be very solid... if not stir them again, and chill them for another 10 minutes.
         do not stir after the last cooling.
   you should have the centers solid, and if all went right, they will fave a velvety smooth, melt in your mouth texture.
   On a sheet of wax paper, or parchment Dump the Centers out, Working quickly, form the centers into a 3 x 4 rectangle.
   Wrap in the wax paper, and stash in fridge for an hour.
         remove from fridge, cut into 1 inch squares, and place back in fridge.
   For a more traditional Look, take the Squares, one at a time, and roll them into balls.
  I personally like this sizeand shape of the truffle, you can shape them however you like.
         Dipping time.
   I have thus far not talked too much about the chocolate you will use to dip; any heat tolerant, decent quality milk chocolate Will work. Recommend 30-50% cacao.
   I use Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion... but I have used Dove, and Lindt... and many others.
   If you make the size i have suggested above, you realistically only need 4-5 oz of chocolate.
when are ready to Dip, Place a pot on the stove, on medium, with a few inches in the bottom, place a metal bowl over it.
   use a metal bowl; glass if you don't have metal... Don't use plastic.  The bowl must fit well, if steam gets in to the chocolate it will seize, and ruin in.
   place finely chopped en-robing chocolate in the top bowl, while the bowl heats, with a rubber spatula stir constantly.
   as soon as the chocolate is melted remove it from heat.  Go, get the centers out of the fridge, and place a piece of parchment wax paper down; This will let the chocolate cool slightly so it won't burn you or melt the centers.
  Using Gloves or other safety equipment, dip the chocolates.
(if you can do it without burning yourself, using your hands is best.)

   Cool until the shell is set.
         Enjoy right away, or frozen these will last a good 2 weeks.