January 15, 2013

Borderlands 2 Compatibility Pack Download Solution

I know that a majority or the content of this blog is that of Recipes, however, i thought i would big you a little something different.

I am an Avid Borderlands 2 Player, i love the Game... I was hooked since the first one... and generally it has been a pretty good user experience, they have even made available a set of compatibility packs so that players who have not bought all the DLCs can play together(not every game maker is so kind.) however, this last compatibility pack has had a few issues when users try to download it. I Believe this is a Microsoft Hashing problem, but in any-case when people try to download it for Xbox, it fails... not a good day. but i have found a way to get it down, and hopefully this will help you too.

open the game and you will get a pop-up asking you if you want to download the Compatibility pack. Go ahead and try to download it. if it works, Huzzah! you are good to go.
if you don't get prompted, you can try downloading it from the Compatibility Pack menu option, or going into the DLC menu and trying from there, i don't think this will help, but it might be worth a shot.

next i would try downloading it out of game. you can do this by going back to the home screen(pressing the Xbox button and then Y) and going to the Game Details(hitting X while on the Game Tile screen.) going over to the Extras sections and selecting the compatibility pack. (you may have to show all extras to find it.) and then Download it again from there.

the Next option is removing the old file before replacing it.
first go to you setting tab(from the home screen, hit the right bumper all the way over to the last screen, select  system) then select Storage; from there select All Devices, then Games and Apps, followed by Borderlands 2. find the Compatibility Pack in the list select it and select delete.
Then Download it again, from either the In-game menu or the Game details menu.

i personally got it down using the following steps.
one i tried to download it in-game, from both the pop-up and the DLC menu, they both failed. following that i i tried it from the Game Details Menu/Extras. still failed, then i deleted the copy on my hard drive, and went back to the details menu and tried to download it again, it downloaded 99% then failed, i tried again, and it downloaded immediately to 97% and proceeded to thy and get the last couple percent a few times before failing again... i then downloaded the Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC (which took a while) and then i deleted the compatibility file and downloaded it from in-game. again it failed, but when i tried it again, it got the last couple percent. it then installed it and all was good...

while i can attest to the fact that i now have both the DLC and the Compatibility pack, it took some time, and i am not sure it will work for you, but it might help to know what i did, and that it is possible.

i would love to hear from others who have got it downloaded and how they did it...or if you didn't just so long as it is constructive... so leave a comment below.