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This Page is going to (Eventually) show the Milestones and Specs for my new project. I am Calling it Project Diva.

what appears below may look incomprehensible but it is an on-going Process.

Name Lucy, or Lumiere. Leaning toward Lumiere( "Officially")

To model, 1 Model
 at the moment i have 4 outfits Planned.

so far these are the ideas i am playing with for outfits.
    - Classic Skirt and Jacket(Added concept Art below)
    - Pantsuit, Business attire.
    - Colonial Fancy-Dress(maybe???)
    - Party Attire.(Added Concept Below)
    - Casual/comfy at home Wear (Added Concept Art Below) Finished version below
    - Formal Dress
    - Cos-Play Outfit.(Yes, it is required!)

i have been reconsidering the business attire. however,, i just don't like pantsuits. so perhaps i will have an outfit that has a suit coat, button-up shirt, and a pleated, or frilled skirt... not sure.

Voice Commands(Via Kinect SDK) will be used to do the following Actions.
   - Greeting the individual
   - Changing outfits.
   - Taking Notes
   - Interacting otherwise with Individual.

Transitions, probably glitter or something, to move in between Outfits.

Eventually i plan on building a fully interactive and Fully usable Digital Assistance.

but, i am interested in comments... productive criticism is always welcome.

as, i finish Concept Drawings, and Renders, and play-blasts, i will post them here.

First Costume Concept. This is an idea for the casual outfit. Below is the More-or-Less Final Version.
two Layered Skirt, with Slip,
Knee-high Socks, 
Open Jacket,
Lace-edged Shirt.Slightly Higher than a V-Neck.(circa 3/14/12)

*Added 3/19 /12* 
New Prototype of Cosplay costume... Or at least one version of it. Based on Rinne no Lagrange and Symphogear Costumes. not sure if this is how i want to go... but i will throw it on here anyway... Keep in mind, Very Early,concept.

*Added 4/9/12* Second Rough Concept. I am Thinking that this will not be the final Look or feel of this outfits. it is likely that i will go a completely different direction with this.

*added a little Better Side-by-Side Hair Concept*
yes, i know they look like crap; they were done on a whiteboard... that is just how it goes...

*added 3/25/12*
here is another concept for the hair... leaning toward the second
(crappy cell phone picture in crappy lighting , on newsprint)

*added 4/2/12*
Another Face and Hair concept. this will likely be the Final version... once i can nail down the eyes...
(she looks kinda creepy without pupils)
sorry about the super light lines... this image is not "done" so i haven't inked it yet
*Updated 4/3/12*
 the muses Took control last night, and i redid the face and Hair.
 Added Eyes, and  Now Have add the Final-ish version below.(with shading and everything!)

(Again,. crappy cell phone pic on Newsprint)

*Added 4/16/12*
New concept i have been playing with, here is one of my ideas for the classic Skirt and jacket Outfit.

*Added 4/23/12*
have reclassified this as Party Attire. i like it, and will likely refine it further and keep it.
(Crappy Cell Phone Pics)

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